Rave Alert --- Smart911

RAVE Alert Smart 911 benefits

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Smart911 service facilitates fast and accurate emergency response procedures that can save lives in an instant. Safety Profile information gives 9-1-1 operators a detailed picture of a caller’s household, location and unique needs, and first responders can use this information when developing a response plan. Smart911’s Safety Profile can counteract complications caused by a poor connection or dropped call.

Additionally, Smart911 users can choose to receive automatic emergency alerts. These notifications help improve situational awareness throughout the local community and reduce issues caused by public speculation or misinformation, which are common during crisis situations.

Complete and Accurate Personal Details 

Every Smart911 Safety Profile provides 9-1-1 call takers and first responders with essential details (e.g., name, address and household members) that may not be offered by the caller due to panic or an inability to communicate verbally.

Well-Informed Communities 

Automatic emergency notifications enable community residents to prepare for and react effectively to crisis situations, including severe weather, missing persons and local law enforcement activity. Officials can provide accurate details about a crisis, reducing misinformation and the potential for panic.

Support for 9-1-1 Call Takers 

Emergency dispatchers automatically receive information about a Smart911 user’s emergency call history, which can provide key insights into potential on-scene situations, such as domestic violence concerns.