Jeffery Weatherby

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(724) 266-4820/(724) 462-7845

Jeff Weatherby has been a resident of Leetsdale Borough for the last 38 years after having moved his family here in 1984. Together with his wife, Carol, of nearly 44 years they raised two daughters here on Washington Street. After his daughters graduated from Quaker Valley and moved on, Jeff had more time and wanted to help his local community. He started to attend the council meetings to find out what was going on in the borough to see how he could help the most. Jeff decided he wanted to run for council in 2012 to ensure fiscal responsibility, and with an interest in public safety as well. Keeping Leetsdale a great place to live was uppermost in his mind!!   

Once on council Jeff began to focus on one of his areas of interest, fiscal responsibility, by starting the Capital Reserve System, where Council saves money every year to purchase Capital Equipment, such as borough vehicles, instead of financing them. This money is put into a separate savings account just for this purpose. The ability to pay cash for these purchases saves the borough finance charges that would continue to mount up over time. Another way he has helped to save the borough money is to encourage the borough to join a Municipal Partnership for the Borough’s Healthcare Plan for our borough employees. Jeff continues to search for ways to save the borough money as a member of the Finance Committee.   

Public Safety also continues to be a major focus for Jeff, and as Chair of the Public Safety/Police Committee he can make sure that everything possible is being done to keep our community as safe as possible.   He furthers that endeavor by holding the Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator position where he works closely with our Emergency Management Coordinator, Amos Cameron, to make sure the borough is ready for any emergency that it may face.    

Along with these two main areas of focus, Jeff continues to be Leetsdale’s representative on the Quaker Valley Council of Government, meeting monthly with representatives with the municipalities from Beaver County line to Bellevue.   

Now that Jeff has retired from his job as a Registered Respiratory Therapist at Magee Hospital, he is available most days if needed by the residents of Leetsdale. He can usually be found in his garden during the summer months or doing some project at home in the winter. If he isn’t there, then he may be off doing something with his 5 beautiful grandchildren that he adores.