Shade Tree Commission

Fernleaf Beech

The Shade Tree Commission is a 3 member commission that meets as necessary. Its members are appointed to 5 year terms. The commission currently consists of the following members:

Name Term Expiration
Douglas L. Ford 2025
Wendy Sheppard 2024
Gary Vlachos 2028


Leetsdale Shade Tree Inventory

The Leetsdale Shade Tree Inventory was completed in the Summer of 2023. This was originally based on the Leetsdale Boro Tree Census completed by John Cigan Jr. in 1972. The inventory contains 277 trees on all public land as well as some trees that are on private, but publicly visible property. There are 77 different species of trees with some of the most notable being in Henle Park such as Purple Beech, Shaker Oak, and Yellowwood. The largest tree in Leetsdale is in Kohlmeyer Park a Silver Maple that is roughly 81 inches in diameter.

Below are the links to the current report from 2023 as well as the report from 1972.