Roger Nanni

Phone Number
(724) 266-4820 / (724) 624-1890

Roger Nanni is a third-generation Leetsdale native. His Italian-born great-grandfather, Cortese, came to Leetsdale in the early 1900s, and the extended family has resided in the area ever since. 

Nanni served on the Borough Council on and off for over 24 years since 1988. He played a vital role in developing the area's infrastructure, including the overpass over Rt 65. Nanni also championed construction of the new Borough building, finding a great location for it at a site of an old property, long on the market, with a plot bordering both Beaver and Broad streets. He is proud of the Borough Building's design with its brick facade and many tall windows; it fits well among the other buildings in the borough and feels welcoming to residents.

Formerly a business owner, Nanni then spent 27 years working for Alcoa. He enjoys spending his free time with his family.

Nanni maintains a large archive of historic photos, newspaper articles, school books, and other records of Leetsdale and its residents. On Facebook, he runs a group, "My Beloved Leetsdale", where long-time residents and their family members share images and memories of their lives and friendships from childhood on. Nanni hopes to digitize his collection and make select hard copies available as a museum-style display for everyone in Leetsdale to enjoy.